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Noah`s Ark Journey
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Are you a sustainable school?

Join our extra curriculum eco activities and inspire young people with an attitude of concern for the quality of our local environment, for the condition of human life, and for the biosphere as a life support system.


Creative environmental initiatives have multiple and multilevel benefits.

These activities are important and necessary not only for children but also for everyone.

Today’s younger generation has the power to transform into exceptional leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and influential change-makers in the ongoing battle against climate change and global warming. By instilling a deep passion for the environment within them, we can inspire and guide them towards creating a sustainable future. Fostering their leadership skills, nurturing their entrepreneurial spirits, and encouraging their innovative thinking will enable them to prioritize environmental preservation and make impactful contributions. With proper guidance and education, these youngsters can become the driving force behind the much-needed shift towards a greener and more sustainable world. Let us empower them to act as guardians of our precious planet and secure a brighter future for generations to come.

Children may not always be aware of the consequences of their actions on the environment. For instance, when a child thoughtlessly tosses a wrapper or a meal box onto the roadside, it may be due to a lack of understanding of how their behavior can impact the larger ecosystem. It is essential for children to be educated about their role in the ecosystem and the potential effects of their actions. By fostering awareness and knowledge, we can encourage them to make conscious and environmentally friendly choices. Blaming children for their actions without providing the necessary education is unfair and ineffective.

Here are the benefits of attending our events for young people:

  1. Our events help young people learn about different renewable and upcycled materials, as well as non-renewable resources in our local area. They will understand how these resources are used and their importance for the future.
  2. Young people can gain knowledge about ecological systems and understand cause-and-effect relationships. This will help them understand how their actions impact the environment and how they can contribute to its preservation.
  3. Our events provide valuable information about the richness of biodiversity and the potential threats to plants, animals, and microorganisms in our environment. They will learn about the importance of protecting these species and how they can make a difference.
  4. Our events are designed to help young people understand the causes and consequences of natural and induced disasters such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, and pollution. We also provide information on measures to minimize the effects of these disasters.
  5. Participating in our events allows young people to evaluate different approaches to environmental issues before making decisions about how to address them. We encourage critical thinking and provide resources and information to help young people make informed choices about environmental solutions.
  6. Our project aims to create environmentally literate young citizens by providing knowledge about environmental acts, rights, rules, legislation, and more. We believe that by equipping young people with this knowledge, they can make appropriate judgments and decisions for the protection and improvement of the earth. Our goal is to empower young people to be active stewards of the environment and drive positive change.
  7. This workshop is designed specifically for young people, highlighting the pressing issues of overpopulation, health, hygiene, and more. It aims to demonstrate how arts, science, and technology can play a vital role in addressing and minimizing these problems in our society. By showcasing the power of these fields, the workshop seeks to inspire and empower young individuals to become agents of change, driving innovation and progress in our world.
  8. Geared towards the interests and concerns of young people, this workshop focuses on identifying and cultivating eco-friendly skills and technologies that are unique and suitable for our environment. By exploring various environmental issues, participants will gain valuable knowledge and practical experiences that can contribute to creating a sustainable future. The workshop aims to equip young individuals with the tools and strategies necessary to tackle environmental challenges and make a positive impact in their communities.
  9. In order to ensure the preservation and responsible use of our resources, this workshop emphasizes the importance of sustainable utilization to young participants. It aims to educate and raise awareness among local youth about the significance of maintaining resource quality, as these resources have been passed down from our ancestors to the younger generation. Through interactive creative activities and discussions, the workshop seeks to foster a sense of stewardship and encourage young people to become advocates for preserving and enhancing our natural heritage.

The unique selling point of our project

We are thrilled to introduce Noah, the Planet, as the protagonist of our project. Noah will be portrayed as a mascot, with the intention of becoming a cherished companion for young individuals. Our project aims to collaborate with local schools to help us engage with as many young people as possible but also extend our reach to local organizations, allowing Noah to visit and conduct workshops centered around upcycling and fostering creativity and imagination in the context of environmental preservation. In this regard, we seek to extend an invitation to your esteemed organization for a single, comprehensive two-hour workshop. During this workshop, Noah will showcase our project and shed light on numerous initiatives that individuals can undertake to create a happier and healthier planet.

Why having Noah visit your school is important?

“In our noble quest to inspire change among the masses, we embarked upon the creation of our beloved mascot, Noah. No longer did we wish to simply lead and guide the youth; oh no, we yearned to be their confidant, their trusted friend. A beacon of comfort who, regardless of rhyme or reason, would forever be there. In this vast tapestry of existence, we sought to be a non-intimidating comrade, a familiar soul whom every person could effortlessly connect with. For indeed, our dear nostalgic friend, this is the essence of what is needed to sculpt a better world.” Laura Iosifescu, Project Manager.

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