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Thanks to the invaluable backing from NCIL, we have successfully revived our project and are now able to extend its reach to various local organizations. Our primary objective is to instigate a positive shift in behavioral patterns concerning waste management as well as inspire people to act when preserving and protecting wildlife. By doing so, we hope to shed light on the dire consequences of plastic pollution on our planet and ensure no species are in danger of disappearing. Moreover, we aim to educate individuals on the diverse creative methods they can employ to contribute towards conserving Earth. Our focus lies in inspiring young people, as they hold the potential to become future ambassadors for our planet. Thus, we have launched the Arktivist recruitment movement, specifically aimed at engaging this demographic. Together, we can forge a brighter, sustainable future.

In the upcoming phase of our project, we aim to establish partnerships with 10 like-minded organizations that share our strong belief in the potential of community involvement. Together, we aspire to initiate a remarkable historical movement that will be a source of immense pride for future generations. Our primary objective is to create a world where our youth can venture out into the city without fear, unburdened by concerns about high pollution levels. By joining forces with these organizations, we will collectively work towards implementing impactful solutions that address this pressing issue and ensure a healthier, more sustainable environment for all.

We are thrilled to introduce Noah, the Planet, as the protagonist of our project. Noah will be portrayed as a mascot, with the intention of becoming a cherished companion for young individuals. Our project aims to collaborate with local schools to help us engage with as many young people as possible but also extend our reach to local organizations, allowing Noah to visit and conduct workshops centered around upcycling and fostering creativity and imagination in the context of environmental preservation. In this regard, we seek to extend an invitation to your esteemed organization for a single, comprehensive two-hour workshop. During this workshop, Noah will showcase our project and shed light on numerous initiatives that individuals can undertake to create a happier and healthier planet.

Why having Noah visit your organization is important?

“In our noble quest to inspire change among the masses, we embarked upon the creation of our beloved mascot, Noah. No longer did we wish to simply lead and guide the youth; oh no, we yearned to be their confidant, their trusted friend. A beacon of comfort who, regardless of rhyme or reason, would forever be there. In this vast tapestry of existence, we sought to be a non-intimidating comrade, a familiar soul whom every person could effortlessly connect with. For indeed, our dear nostalgic friend, this is the essence of what is needed to sculpt a better world.”

Why now and not later?

Here are a few compelling reasons why it is crucial not to wait to get involved with us:
  1. The urgency to preserve our environment has never been greater. Taking action now is essential in combating climate change and ensuring a sustainable future. By delaying initiatives, we not only hinder the progress we want to see but also miss out on opportunities for positive change and leadership, particularly among young people
  2. Due to budget constraints, we can only accommodate ten organizations for our workshops. These workshops have a value of £500, covering the costs of the facilitators, performers, mascots, and art materials. However, if your organization is one of the fortunate ten, participation would be free of charge.

By utilizing our mascot and performer for your event, your organization can save a significant amount of money typically spent on creating a mascot. The production costs for developing a high-quality mascot can exceed £5,000. However, by borrowing our mascot and performer, you have the opportunity to bring an engaging and entertaining character to your venue without incurring this expense. This allows you to redirect the saved funds toward other causes that align with your organization’s charitable goals. By taking advantage of this cost-saving opportunity, you can maximize your charity budget and make a greater impact within your community.

There are two ways in which you can collaborate with us:

1) Utilize your venue. By allowing us to utilize your venue, we can organize an upcycling event that aims to bring together our two communities and promote the fantastic work that your organization does. As part of this partnership, we will feature your organization and venue on our website and banners, increasing your visibility. Additionally, attendees will have the option to scan our QR code to book their spots for the event. Although we will be encouraging our supporters and loyal fans to attend, we also invite you to actively engage your community, treating this as a shared project.

What do you need to do?

2) Introducing Noah, our engaging and charismatic Mascot, as a participant in your events can greatly enhance involvement and interest, particularly among young audiences. Noah symbolizes a loyal friend, a companion for those battling loneliness, and someone with whom individuals can confide. Created to inspire and motivate, Noah aims to cultivate the next generation of leaders who prioritize the harmonious coexistence of the ecosystem and economic progress. By fostering a sustainable mindset and entrepreneurial behavior, Noah encourages individuals to explore how technological advancements and consumer products can collaborate with nature instead of opposing it. Allow Noah to be a catalyst for change, empowering people to build a better future.

Noah, our beloved mascot, serves as a powerful catalyst to generate interest and engagement in your sustainable endeavors, ultimately contributing to positive impacts on our planet and environment. Whether you are organizing a gardening event, promoting cycling, walking, or advocating for mental and physical health through sports, Noah can be present to both advocate for your cause and inspire individuals to join your noble initiatives. What sets Noah apart is his ability to resonate with people from all walks of life, as he represents our planet as a whole. Regardless of their struggles or feelings of isolation, Noah’s inclusive nature ensures that he can connect with and inspire individuals who may be harder to reach.

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